Grand Opening - May 15th, 2023

Thyme Botanic Garden

Private Fine Dining

Thyme Botanic Garden is the pinnacle of KOIA’s gastronomic experience, which is essentially a special section of Thyme Restaurant but with a more exclusive feel. Operating solely during evening hours, it only has 4 tables reserved for private dinners. This is where you can indulge in KOIA’s fine dining menu that boasts a creative cuisine which fuses local gastronomic tradition of Kos with the Greek culinary heritage through a contemporary Mediterranean approach, showcasing various organic vegetables from KOIA’s garden.

Dinners here take place in a more private manner, in a uniquely atmospheric al fresco setting with soft lighting and within the embrace of nature. The uniqueness of this dining setting is conveyed by the rich botanical garden that surrounds, further enhanced by the monastic inspired tables, peculiar furniture and particular tableware that together create a most exclusive and at the same time soothing ambiance that feeds the soul.

The drinks selection at Thyme Botanical garden consists of a series of special cocktail recipes which, in combination with the tantalizing dessert recipes, complete your culinary experience.

Upon request, you may ask for the most exclusive version of this private fine dining experience to take place in the comfort of your private terrace.