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One of the hidden gems among Greek islands, Kos is a little slice of heaven that should be on your bucket list as it combines everything for a great holiday. From first-rate archaeological ruins to stunning natural marvels and both outdoor and indoor activities, Kos has something for all tastes. Kos has an experience range that is unmatched. This Dodecanese Island through the prism of a luxury, adults-only wellness resort in Kos like KOIA, will readjust your pre-conceptions of what a Greek holiday should look like. So whether you’re traveling with your loved one or with friends, you’ll discover that Kos activities cover a range of joys.

For history lovers: Archaeological Sites

And in Kos, activities begin with an exploration of the island’s incredibly rich past. Something that is immediately noticeable just by walking around Kos town. Most impressive of which are the sprawling ruins of the Asklepion – the healing center of ancient times. Located in Kos Town and built by the father of medicine, Hippocrates, it was constructed in the 4th century BC and was used to help people with various illnesses and physical ailments. The Roman Odeon, or theater, is another impressive site to visit, albeit in much better shape than the Asklepion. It was built in the 2nd century AD by the Romans, and curiously enough restored by Italians during their brief occupation of the island in the mid 1920’s.

The Casa Romana, an impeccably preserved Roman house dating back to the 2nd century AD, is located on top of an earlier-built Hellenistic-era structure. It contains 36 rooms and 3 atria, as well as several mosaic floors and statues.

Next, Kos transports you to medieval times. It is in the heart of Kos Town that you’ll find the impressive ruins of the castle of the Knights Hospitallers. Walk around and explore the inner and outer enclosures and stop to admire the ornate entrances, fortifications and various structures left behind, while you stroll through Phoenicon street, and end up on Hippocrates Plane tree, on Platanou square.

For exploration lovers: Hiking & Garden Walks

Kos island’s morphology allows you to explore its beauty combined with physical exercise to get the blood circulating. In case you are interested in hiking in Kos, we recommend two itineraries that crisscross the island’s unique landscape.

One is to follow the Palio Pyli trek-a brisk 40-minute hike through the old village of Pyli, an 11th-century Byzantine settlement that also happens to be one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. If you want more of a challenge, there is also Mt. Dikaios route, which is considerably more difficult as it takes approximately 2 hours to climb up the 845-meter altitude mountain – the highest in Kos Island.

If you are looking for slower-paced Kos activities, we realize that hiking may not be your speed. Try a walkthrough the botanical gardens of KOIA Resort. Our garden special to us, as it has been nurtured with great love and care, filled with all the local herbs and plants recognised in Hippocratic philosophy.

For nature lovers: Parks & Wetlands

Plaka forest, situated in the middle of the island near the village of Antimachia is a pine-covered park teeming with peacocks, and cats, curiously, as well as terrapins and squirrels. Walking around the many signposted paths you’ll encounter a spring as well as benches where you can set up a picnic or barbecue, not to mention the chapel of Agios Ioannis Prodromos.

A little over 4 km south of Kos town lie the superb Psalidi Wetlands. For nature lovers, this represents one of the finest Kos activities available, especially if you also happen to be a bird watcher. Scores of migratory birds are ensconced here during the winter months, while the resident fauna includes water turtles, herons, ducks and a fair few flamingos.

For lifestyle lovers: Wellness & Beach bliss

Kos activities extend well into wellness and it comes naturally at Agios Fokas. On its beach there is also a naturally forming thermal pool found inside the sea, while it is also the location of the tranquil KOIA Resort and its blissful beach just 50 m from the property.

For relaxing while experiencing the full therapeutic power of water, visit Ydor, a temple of wellbeing dedicated to the life-giving element. Treatments and therapies draw inspiration from Kos and the Hippocratic teachings of balance and the healing properties of plants and nature.

For romance lovers: Horse-riding & Private Fitness Sessions

If you are visiting with your partner, you might be interested in things to do in Kos for couples. In addition to those, couples wishing to experience a fairytale moment, should consider horse riding on the beach. It is one of the most romantic Kos activities as the sun sets over the sea, creating a picture-perfect setting while you are on horseback.

In another kind of love language, there is a saying that goes “couples who train together, stay together”. If you feel this mantra to be true then at KOIA Resort, a wellbeing hotel with yoga classes in Kos, you will be pleased to know that you can book private pilates or yoga sessions. That way you and your partner can remain in sync with each other and get your desired fitness level out of the workout.

Kos activities and things to do in Kos are numerous and most importantly they are diverse. On an island with such a robust archaeological pedigree, you’ll see traces of civilizations ranging from the Hellenistic and Roman, to the medieval and modern. In an island with such vast landscape beauty, you’ll discover epic hiking trails and more leisurely walks around its fragrant indigenous flora. The abundance of its flora continues in its natural parks and wetlands, which are homes to numerous species of local fauna. Tranquil beaches and luxurious spa treatments satiate the lifestyle craving in you, while romance is dialed up with enchanting sunset horse rides on the beach while private fitness sessions keep you focused and on the ball. Combining it all with KOIA Resort’s philosophy on wellness, based on Hippocratic principles, and you’re certain to have a fulfilling and exciting holiday.

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Embarking on a journey to the enchanting island of Kos in Spring is like stepping onto a living canvas, where nature paints its vibrant hues across every landscape. As the warmth of the season breathes life into the land, the island becomes a haven of tranquillity and natural beauty.