Reasons To Visit Kos This Summer


Step into a world where time seems to slow, and the cares of the world drift away like the gentle caress of a Mediterranean breeze. Visit Kos, a hidden gem nestled in the embrace of the Aegean Sea, that beckons you to embark on a journey of serene escapes and sun-drenched dreams. As the summer sun bathes this enchanting island, discover why Kos is the perfect haven for those seeking an idyllic, unhurried getaway. Escape the tourist masses and find your own piece of paradise on the less-traveled paths of Greece.

1. A Dreamy Oasis of Serenity

One of the reasons to visit Kos, with its untouched landscapes and tranquil corners, is because it is a sanctuary for those yearning to escape the bustling crowds. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of mainstream tourist destinations, this island whispers promises of serenity and solitude. Picture yourself a secluded slice of this land for the most peaceful holidays to Kos, Agios Fokas you’ve ever imagined. Here, you become one with each moment you experience, as the light breeze and the rhythmic lull of the waves serenading your thoughts – this is the essence of Kos island.

And if you are truly looking to enhance your wellbeing while on holiday, then surrender to the soothing therapies and treatments offered at our wellness resort in Kos.

2. Fringed by Pristine Beaches:

Nature lovers will visit Kos for its stunning shores that are a canvas painted in shades of gold and blue. Fringed by pristine beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, you won’t have to go far for a private beachfront, if you are staying at the adults-only KOIA Resort – here you can bask in the warmth of the sun in absolute comfort and without the distraction of crowded shores.

Explore all the top five beaches in Kos, Greece where the crystal-clear waters invite you to immerse yourself in sheer bliss.

3. Diverse Activities & Experiences:

When you visit Kos, be prepared for a treasure trove of ancient culture waiting to be explored. Wander through the historic streets of Kos Town, where the ancient agora and the imposing Castle of the Knights stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. If you have the time, the island lends itself for explorations. To really appreciate the island’s morphology, go hiking in Kos and fill your mind with astonishing visuals. The local parks, forests and wetlands are also worth checking out if you love the outdoors.

Here is just how diverse Kos activities can be, spanning from historical sites to nature adventures, and experiences that are relaxing and romantic; there are so many soul-rich things to do in Kos island.

4. A Journey Through Time and Flavour

To delve into the heart of Kos’s local culture and traditions, you must savour it. “Let food be thy medicine” are perhaps Hippocrates most famous words. The ancient healer shares our homeland and love for its exquisite produce that he identified as being key to a healthy life.

For sampling the finest of Kos cuisine, we invite you to lunch and dine at Thyme, a Fine-Dining-Restaurants auf der Insel Kos. With our Half-Board option, you can get to try all the flavours of our menu, with 4 dishes per meal. As for revitalizing alcohol-free freshments and signature herb cocktails, head over to our Elixir Bar.

Outside the property, you can explore the vibrant local market in Kos Town, where the aromas of fresh produce and traditional delicacies fill the air and indulge in the island’s culinary delights.

5. Perfect for Long, Slow Holidaying:

When you visit Kos, it beckons you to embrace the art of unhurried living. Slow down, savour every moment, and let the island’s tranquility seep into your soul. Indulge in delectable meals that carry the abundance and nurture of the land. Bask in the serenity of sun and sea revelry, traverse through the landscapes, hike, cycle or horseback ride through the countryside or simply lose yourself in the pages of a book as you lounge under the shade of olive trees – this is the essence of long, slow holidaying on the island of Kos.

Visit Kos this Summer and discover how it’s a symphony of tranquility, and an invitation to immerse in the beauty of simplicity. Perfect for adults seeking to reconnect with themselves and for couples seeking to elevate their mood for romance. Book your serene summer escape to Kos island with a luxury stay at KOIA Resort, and start counting down the days…

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