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KOIA All Suite Wellbeing Resort is a place of absolute harmony on Kos island. Just 6 km from the main town and port of Kos, it is easily accessible within just a 15 minute drive. Here you will find a serene spot for wellness-focused holidays to Kos in Agios Fokas, characterized by cascading scenery leading down to a beach.


Kos island belongs to the Dodecanese island cluster, found in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is a sensational destination of diverse appeal, with great historical, cultural and archaeological value and an abundance of natural beauty, resources and raw materials. Most people visiting Kos seek holiday experiences that steer clear of mass tourism, for a more authentic and genuine island stay that is infused with the charm of past simplicity.

The tranquility of the island, its bronze beaches that are a mix of fine sand and small pebbles, gorgeous natural landscapes, ancient ruins that span centuries, and even natural thermal waters, are all factors that contribute to Kos’ allure. Furthermore, Kos was the birthplace and where the legendary Hippocrates, known as the ancient Greek ‘father of Medicine’, practiced his life’s work.


The natural abundance of Kos inspired him to experiment with various indigenous herbs and plants to find their medicinal properties in relation to humans and their well-being. His findings became his legacy and it is this Hippocratic philosophy that KOIA shines a light on. Kos is a place to reconnect with nature and retrace the steps of advancement back to their roots. Discover it all during your stay at KOIA during your holidays to Kos in Agios Fokas.

Places to visit
Koia Beach

Our namesake beach offers you an effortless and utterly enjoyable beach experience. Set up in a way that lets you revel in a setting of upgraded seaside pleasantry, you will find comfortable sunbeds and sun parasols that offer shade, provided on a complimentary basis for our guests.

Agios Fokas beach

Located a few minutes walk from KOIA, Agios Fokas beach provides an enjoyable alternative to KOIA beach. This pebbled beach also features the unique attribute of thermal waters that flow into the sea, thus forming a natural thermal pool.

Camel beach

Located western side of Kos island, Camel beach provides a wonderful beach experience for guests who spend a day discovering beach gems of Kos island. It is about an hour’s drive from KOIA and features a mix of fine sand and small pebbles.

Agios Stefanos beach

Located a few coves over from Camel beach, you will come across Agios Stefanos beach. One of the most particular beaches in all of Kos, Agios Stefanos features various ancient ruins along the shoreline while a verdurous rock islet in the middle of the sea adorned with a small chapel called Kastri, dominates the seascape.

Tree of Hippocrates

A centuries’ old plane tree that is linked to the great Hippocrates stands proudly in central Kos town. Legend has it it was under the shade of this tree that the ancient ‘father of medicine’ taught his pupils.

Roman Odeon of Kos

Dating back to 2nd to 3rd century A.D., the Roman Odeon of Kos lies in the south west, once Roman quarters of Kos town, boasting a series of fascinating, well-preserved ruins that also include Roman baths and a Gymnasium nearby.

Casa Romana

A Roman remnant of 2nd and 3rd century A.D., Casa Romana is a restored, 2-story, ancient villa of Pompeian architecture that was erected upon the ruins of an even older Hellenistic house. It is also found in the Roman quarters of Kos town and hosts a collection of art, including mosaics, frescoes & sculptures.

Asklepieion of Kos

At a distance of 8km from Kos town, are the well-preserved ruins of the ancient world’s most salient healing center. Asklepieion of Kos was both a sanctuary and school, built in order for Hippocrates to further advance his research and teachings. The site today also features a museum.

Archaeological Museum of Kos

An unmissable attraction on many counts, the Archaeological Museum of Kos is housed in a 1936 building built during the Italian occupation, in the heart of Kos town. It is a relatively small but concise museum showcasing findings including mosaics, sculptures and various ancient island artifacts, spanning from antiquity to the late Roman period.

Neratzia Castle

Also known as the Castle of the Knights, Neratzia Castle is an ancient seaside fortification that looms over the port and town of Kos. Impressive and grandiose, it was built in the 14th century by the knights of the Order of Saint John to defend against Ottoman invasions and commands expansive views of the surroundings.

International Hippocratic Foundation

Located 4 km from Kos town, the International Hippocratic Foundation is an educational establishment dedicated to the greatness of Hippocrates where you will find various collections of his work including archeological finds, sculptures, medical tools, a garden and a library all related to his teachings and life’s work.