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About us


Deeply rooted in KOIA’s Hippocratic philosophy is the creation of an environment that exudes balance and nurtures harmony.

Drawing upon inspiration from the ancient wisdom of centuries ago and fusing it with the best sustainable development practices of today KOIA luxury resort in Kos represents a modern-day well-being resort founded on primordial wellness principles of living well.

KOIA Signature Products

The organic amenities of KOIA Resort, Kos come from our range of all-natural signature products that reinforce the Hippocratic Philosophy of Wellbeing.

KOIA Architecture
of the Ancient Doric Hexapolis

KOIA is inextricably linked to Kos, but also to the actual setting in which the property is located. The main inspiration for the logo was the morphology of the topological landscape itself,

KOIA Green character

KOIA is an eco-friendly hotel in Kos, Greece, founded on the Hippocratic philosophy of living well.

KOIA Hippocratic Philosophy of Living
Philosophy of Living

At KOIA, we have adopted the wisdom of the great ancient Greek physician and philosopher, Hippocrates, who was born on Kos island circa 460 B.C. Hippocrates developed the primordial theory of “ευ ζην”, meaning living well, which centers around the belief that nature is the greatest healer