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Restaurants & Bars

KOIA Resort’s culinary inspiration comes from the local gastronomy of Kos and Greece as well as the Hippocratic plants. Thyme restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Kos town with an up-scale gastronomic value. Our menus have a special experience to offer and a distinct story to narrate.


Unlock a diverse range of healthy culinary proposals through different menus and different ways of enjoying them. And it is not only about food at KOIA; the drinking experience here is just as important. Our concept Cocktail Bar in Kos & Pool Bar provide a series of unique herbal drinking recipes, as well as featuring a rich wine cellar that further extends your enjoyment and choice.


Savour sumptuous breakfasts, mouthwatering a la carte dinners, private fine dining in the botanical garden, or, exclusive private candlelight dinner in Kos, Greece, all-day comfort-gourmet snacks by the pool and delicious herbal cocktail signature concoctions and aperitifs.


And so a journey of discovery through flavors begins… a culinary journey that reveals the properties of herbs and plants associated with Hippocrates, also found in various points around KOIA’s gardens. Our menus showcase the nutritional gifts that the earth so generously offers such as oregano, mustard, rose, spearmint, basil, saffron, onion, leek, cardamom, pepper, caper, lime, pomegranate, sunflower seed, hyphae plus others. Taste all the nutritional goodness of genuine products and recipes at our restaurants near Kos town, made from the finest local ingredients that are creatively incorporated into a more modern approach of the famed Greek & Mediterranean cuisine.

Thyme Restaurant
Breakfast, a la carte Lunch & Dinner

Thyme Restaurant is KOIA’s main dining and fining dining restaurant in Kos with a casual chic atmosphere.

Pool Bar & Restaurant
All day long

Right next to our main pool is our sea view hotel Pool Bar in Kos that operates all day long, serving various refreshments and light ‘meze’ style meals throughout the day.

Elixir Bar
Signature Herb Cocktails & Aperitifs

Elixir Bar is an all-natural goodness, concept Cocktail Bar in Kos island that is the beating heart of KOIA for holding all the original essences and recipes of Hippocratic philosophy.