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The KOIA Resort experience in Kos is about how modern-day holidaying can be fully aligned with a grander sense of well-being. Each of the unique, soul-rich, signature KOIA experiences lets you sink into an unspoken truth inspired by ancient wisdom; that well-being is inextricably linked to nature. Immerse into each one of these specially curated experiences that seek to introduce you to a hospitality concept where the human element and nature are intertwined as one.

Delve into the fascination of the destination, taste creative gastronomy that showcases local ingredients packed with natural goodness and feast all five of your senses with experiences that dial back time through the prism of today. Unlock a greater understanding of harmony through the KOIA Resort experience in Kos.

KOIA Beach

Wisely located in a place where history meets nature, Koia All Suite Wellbeing Resort offers an elevating hospitality experience in an unparalleled universe of serenity and elegance that features its own beach just 50 meters from the edge of the property, across the street.

Floating Breakfast

There is no better way to upgrade your morning than a floating platter and a dip in the privacy of your pool.

Outdoor Fireplace Sea View Dinners

This more exclusive dining degustation experience lets you enjoy your meal in a private setting under the stars.

In-room Gastro Experiences

Revel in the privacy of your suite all night long, since you don’t have to move for a change of scenery in order to indulge in a most delectable night in.

The Sacred Wine Symposium

Ah, wine! The magical drink, favourite of the ancient gods! Join us for a unique and exclusive wine tasting experience with the most spectacular views of the Ceramic Gulf.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

Make your wedding or vow renewal ceremony a life-long memory that echoes through time by choosing KOIA for your reception and guest accommodation.

Yoga & Pilates Classes

Hippocrates was one of the first to identify the inseparable link between nutrition and physical activity. He realized that a healthy body needs both the right nutritional fuel and the right form of exercise in order to maintain the ideal balance.

Romantic moments

KOIA’s sensationally harmonious environment becomes the intimate setting for the most romantic couples’ moments. Almost everything at KOIA Wellness Resort has a romantic wrapping.

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Movie Night

Join us every Wednesday for cinematic evenings under the stars. In a specially arranged outdoor area, KOIA Resort creates the ultimate island fairytale setting for wonderful moments of evening entertainment.

Hiking -Trekking Adventures

A trip to Kos wouldn’t be complete without hiking or trekking through the island’s mesmerizing landscape.