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In-room Gastro Experiences

In-room Gastro Experiences

Revel in the privacy of your suite all night long, since you don’t have to move for a change of scenery in order to indulge in a most delectable night in.KOIA Resort is a wellness-focused hotel with in-room dining, for the most exclusive private gastronomic experiences on the island.


Apart from the best restaurants near Kos town, here you can create your own culinary experience, away from prying eyes. Simply order your desired dishes from our special in-room dining menu. They will be delivered to your door, followed by a special setup on your private veranda.

After everything is in place, you take the lead and enjoy the night on your own terms with this premium service at our Kos hotel with in-room dining.By default, all of our Kos luxury accommodation with sea views feature an upgraded mini-bar fully stocked with branded beverages and snacks. For those who prefer wine to spirits, depending on room type, they also feature a wine preserver that is stocked with a few exquisite local and organic wine bottles which we recommend you try.

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Live unique experiences that will enhance your stay in Kos. Follow your mood for food, adventure, relaxation and romance, and discover new sides of yourself.