Grand Opening - May 15th, 2023


Each of these unique, soul-rich, signature KOIA experiences let you sink into the unspoken truth of how modern-day holidaying can be fully aligned with a grander sense of wellbeing that pays homage to ancient wisdom through greater connection with nature.

Immerse into each one of these specially curated experiences that seek to introduce you to a hospitality concept where the human element and nature are intertwined as one. Delve into the fascination of the destination, taste natural goodness in the form of creative, modern day recipes and feast all five of your senses with experiences that dial back time through the prism of today.

KOIA Beach

KOIA Resort features its own beach, literally 50 meters from the property complex. In fact, the entire architectural layout of KOIA has been designed with unobstructed sea views in mind.

Interactive Botanic Lab

Feel like modern-day botanists with the interactive recipe making experience of our Botanic Lab and unravel the mystery of Hippocratic herbal concoctions.

Outdoor Candlelight Dinners

Treat your other half to a memorable evening full of amplified romance and cinematic revelry with enchanting candlelight dinners in exclusive spots.

Botanical Walkthroughs

KOIA’s garden becomes the verdant setting where sensational botanical walkthroughs take place, revealing all the wonders that grow at ground level.

In-room Gastro Experiences

Revel in the privacy of your suite all night long, since you don’t have to move for a change of scenery in order to indulge in a most delectable night in.

Gatherings & Events

Kos island now has a glorious place for various types of gatherings and events, in a setting embraced by nature that harmoniously blends into the landscape.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

Make your wedding or vow renewal ceremony a life-long memory that echoes through time by choosing KOIA for your reception and guest accommodation.

Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Classes

Hippocrates was one of the first to identify the inseparable link between nutrition and physical activity. He realized that a healthy body needs both the right nutritional fuel and the right form of exercise in order to maintain the ideal balance.

Ode to Olive Oil seminar

On a weekly basis, we run a seminar on Greek liquid gold, known as Olive Oil. Learn all the ins and outs of this staple product and why Olive Oil is such an integral part of the Greek diet

Ode to Honey seminar

Discover the bountiful benefits of organic Honey through our weekly seminars which are run in conjunction with local honey producers. Taste different types of honey and its by-products.

Greek coffee afternoons

Re-discover coffee the Greek way. Every afternoon KOIA invites you to experience a favorite Greek pastime with a hot coffee that is traditionally brewed in sand and sweet treats.