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Elixir Bar

Signature Herb Cocktails & Aperitifs

Elixir Bar is an all-natural goodness, concept Cocktail Bar in Kos island that is the beating heart of KOIA for holding all the original essences and recipes of Hippocratic philosophy. Welcoming and inviting, you will find it at the crossroad between the Reception and Thyme Restaurant, since it plays a key role in both. Your first introduction to Elixir Bar comes in the form of an invigorating welcome drink upon your arrival while it is also where you can take a refreshing break any time of day, as a serviced, indoor waiting area and bar with a unique character. The most attractive attribute of Elixir Bar is what it stands for.

Being the absolute embodiment of the KOIA’s Hippocratic concept, it has an initiatory role into culinary wellness. Its main function is being a visible laboratory for the preparation of original recipes for KOIA’s signature herbal drinks, creative cocktails, homemade liqueurs, alcoholic or virgin beverages, curated healthy mocktails and low-calorie concoctions, fruit juices, smoothies and all sorts of healthy refreshments as well as for displaying various raw materials such as fresh herbs, organic snacks and by-products derived from Hippocratic plants, which guests can try and purchase.


Proposing an entirely new kind of concept Cocktail Bar in Kos island that is also a natural product delicatessen and sales counter for herbal goodness, Elixir will become one of your favorite spots to visit frequently during your stay at KOIA. Learn, watch and observe how we creatively incorporate nature’s abundance in small but powerful doses.