Grand Opening - May 15th, 2023

Thyme Restaurant

Breakfast & a la carte Dinner

The best place to start your day is undeniably at Thyme Restaurant. It is KOIA’s main dining outlet with a casual chic atmosphere, in a semi buffet – semi a la carte style featuring various local products, some ancient Greek recipes transformed into modern versions, as well as a detox and vegan corner. Offering a wide range of highly nutritional culinary options, all buffet dishes carry labels that list the ingredients so that you know precisely what you will be tasting. And apart from fresh juices and coffees, you can try our invigorating Hippocratic herbal beverages that have energy boosting properties that set your mood for the day. One section of Thyme Restaurant also features a range of fresh herbs, quality olive oils and spices based on Hippocratic philosophy which can be added to your dishes if you so wish. Choose between Thyme’s indoor seating or opt to enjoy your meal in the shaded, outdoor space.

Upon request, you may ask for your Breakfast to be served in-room, or in-pool for guests staying in accommodation that features a private pool.