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KOIA Green character

& Sustainability
KOIA Green character & Sustainability

KOIA is an eco-friendly hotel in Kos, Greece, founded on the Hippocratic philosophy of living well. As the principles of this ancient wisdom prescribe, KOIA has developed a holiday environment that is in absolute harmony with the landscape of the location it resides in. Based on respect for the natural surroundings, the property draws information from bioclimatic buildings over the years, forming an innovative, environmentally conscious resort that is friendly to both nature and people.


KOIA design & operation

KOIA incorporates green technologies as part of its bioclimatic approach, as points of connection between the past and the future, making guests feel that they are in an ideal state of being, in the now, free from any concept of excess, aiming for physical and mental equilibrium.


The sustainable mentality of KOIA encompasses eco-conscious practices throughout. From the materials and processes used in the construction to the day-by-day operations, KOIA follows the most advanced natural techniques that minimally impact the environment and takes action that encourages minimal waste, reuse and recycling.


KOIA has meticulous eco-friendly waste management and energy saving protocols in place that ensure best practices are being adhered to for an operation that is both sustainable and ethical.


Furthermore, KOIA has adopted the digital path as a more sustainable and seamless approach to hospitality by replacing in-room leaflets with a custom KOIA app to minimize paper print-outs. By downloading this app on their device, guests can easily browse through all the relevant information such as the room directory, all-day menus, promotional and informational material as well as order room service, book a Spa session or a unique dinner experience at our restaurant. The KOIA app is also linked to all in-room TV’s for ease of use while all accommodation fit-out has been designed to be SMART with KNX technology in place that further enhances the sustainability mindset of KOIA.

KOIA people & procurement

The people who belong to KOIA’s hospitality team are people who wholeheartedly embrace the sustainability mentality that manifests in every aspect of their work. They are an integral part of the immersive experience you will have by staying at KOIA.


Whether it be the friendly receptionist who greets you with a heartfelt smile and directs you to the knowledgeable Concierge who will be your anchor in securing a holiday that is so much more than just a stay. The endearing gardener who knows all about the natural abundance of the herbs that have been lovingly nurtured in the hotel grounds; the culinary team that goes above and beyond to execute recipes full of natural goodness and win the bet between healthy choices and maximum flavour; the local producers that supply our kitchens with the finest, freshest and least processed raw materials that come from the inherent goodness of the land.


KOIA only procures raw materials that amplify the Hippocratic notion of “living well” through healthy eating, with ample choices in vegetables and fruits and parallel reduced use of meat. Most of the vegetables prepared and consumed at KOIA come from our very own vegetable garden, grown organically and cut fresh each day. All other ingredients come from quality controlled sources that are not only selected for the exquisiteness of the final product but also for the production conditions and processes too. We are ardent believers of hospitality born out of true authenticity and so we therefore support small local producers and farms to the greatest extent possible and employ locals, thus giving back to and strengthening the community so that it can continue to regenerate itself.


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