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KOIA All-Natural

Signature Products
KOIA All-Natural Signature Products

The organic amenities of KOIA Resort, Kos come from our range of all-natural signature products that reinforce the Hippocratic Philosophy of Wellbeing. Hippocrates is also considered by some to be one of the first recorded botanists since findings show he used over 250 plants and herbs to treat and relieve symptoms of various ailments as remedies. Through his life’s work as a physician in ancient times, he developed a strong faith in the healing force that is Mother Nature.


Each one of the all-natural, signature products and organic amenities of KOIA Resort, Kos is based on the various healing herbs that Hippocrates singled out for their medicinal properties and consequently used in treatments.The range of KOIA’s all-natural signature products has been created through meticulous study and research, drawing upon the Hippocratic botanical wisdom that identifies at least six indigenous plant species of Kos island as having natural healing properties: Rosemary, Mantzouni or Carthamus Corymbosus, Lemon balm, Nettle plant, Mint and Fenugreek all grow in Kos island, and were identified by Hippocrates as having beneficial health properties.


Kos has a natural abundance of these herbs and they have been lovingly placed around our property, for guests to discover during a botanical garden walkthrough, either on their own or with our Gardener as their guide.Rosemary was used as a tonic for radiant skin as well as helping in digestion when consumed as an infusion.


Mantzouni is one of nature’s aphrodisiacs as are Nettles which also help in digestion and blood circulation. Lemon balm was widely used as a gynecological remedy, Fenugreek was known to boost testosterone levels as well as being used as an anti-inflammatory whereas Mint had the greatest range of applications, used in cooking, winemaking and medicine, aiding in better digestion, dental hygiene as well as aiding restful sleep.

KOIA's Garden

As you enter KOIA’s garden, you will come across various plants such as wild cabbage, cardamon, flaxseed, lotus, oreganos, black pepper, violets, sea buckthorn, capers, saffron and pomegranates among others. All the products used at KOIA Cleopatra Spa come from our signature range so guests have the opportunity to feel their invigorating effects while enjoying a spa treatment or therapy.


Furthermore, our all-natural signature products feature as the premium bathroom toiletries, allowing guests to sample them on their own. The product line of KOIA’S herbs & cosmetics can be purchased from various spots around the property such as in the Thyme Restaurant, in the workshop of the Elixir Bar, at our Spa and Boutique but also through selected placement in the rooms. This special brand is distributed exclusively in various outlets around Kos island and can be purchased and to take them with you so to keep the memory of Koia Living alive until we meet again.


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